To be able to listen and understand the bridegrooms’ wishes. My boutique de marriage accompanies the happy couple creating and planning with passion, love and commitment the wedding they have always imagined.

The union of two people gives birth to something exclusive and special and so has to be the day in which this union is sealed. The wedding day should tell the bridegrooms’ story: a movie where they write the script. My role is to make come true the images of their dreams and, on the big day, to be the director behind the scene, silent and discreet, so that step by step everything can take place in the perfect way. Emotions born only from excellence.

If the bridegrooms would like to, I can provide a sartorial laboratory that imports fine fabrics from all around the world, an exclusive jewelry designer who designs for some of the world’s most famous firms, world-famous gourmet… only high level selected suppliers, but always according to the budget. No anxiety or stress, only the joy of enjoying completely every single moment. To optimize your time without losing control of what you want, always with someone on your side to count on.